A message from the owner

We hope you are all well and staying both safe and positive in light of on-going challenges and concerns brought by COVID-19. Our prayers are with all of those affected by this extraordinary event, and our full-hearted gratitude goes out to those healthcare professionals and local leaders who are on the front line to protect, serve, and care for our community. More Roof Life is dedicated to the on-going training and institution of safe practices and homeowner care. Keeping our homeowners safety and comfort in the forefront of our minds, we utilize:

  • Email, text, and phone communication. We are able to complete your walk through and provide you with an estimate, without entry to your home and in-person interaction. While we are happy to sit down and answer all questions, we leave the option to you as to how you would like to communicate throughout the process.
  • Weekly training and updates for our crew to adhere to best practices.
  • Front door delivery of Sample Boards.
  • Best Practices for both our on site crew and at home team, year round.

Should other practices emerge from the World Health Organization (WHO), federal, State of Oregon, or Deschutes County in relation to our business, we will work to adopt them swiftly.We appreciate all of our Central Oregon neighbors and community. Please do not hesitate to reach us with your roofing needs!

Sincerely Yours,

Josh and Mandy Davis | Owners, More Roof Life

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