Roof Replacement

Roofing Replacement Central ORThere are several reasons you might need a roof replacement. Whether it was harsh or unexpected weather conditions/disaster or simply the clock on your roof running its course with natural aging, a roof replacement may be needed to continue to best keep weather out of your house.


A roof replacement differs from repairs and re-roofing, as it is the full tear off of everything on your roof down to the decking, and installation of all new materials. From ice and water shield to dry in your roof, to the shingles on top, a full replacement is preferred when the time is up on your roof.


The Roof Replacement Process:

More Roof Life differs from the average roofing company in putting our homeowners first in the roof replacement process. With two contractors in the family, we understand the headache and common concerns homeowners have, when managing home projects of any size. What is most important to remember is that you are not alone! We walk our homeowners through the roof replacement process, because questions and concerns are common!


Free Walk Through

Once you reach More Roof Life, we will begin your process by scheduling your Free Walk Through. Unlike other companies, you will not be greeted by a high pressure sales person. Josh, co-owner and contractor, will be your only in field point of contact! Meeting you on your scheduled day, Josh walks through our homeowners answering any questions, and sharing an initial report to help them understand whether or not a new roof may be needed.



Within 24 hours, you can expect an email from Josh or Mandy (Co-owner who runs the behind the scenes for More Roof Life! A licensed roofing contractor herself, Mandy is your only other point of contact and an asset for all of your questions during this process!) with your Roof Replacement Estimate, if a replacement is necessary! Our estimates outline line item costs, and what you will be paying for! It is then recommended that you reach us back with additional questions or concerns. 


Ready to sign?

Once a contract is signed, you will be reached by Josh or Mandy that same day with color options and schedule updates! Then, sit tight! Until your scheduled start date, nothing is due. Do feel free to still reach out with any questions, or just to say hi.

Start Day

It’s here! You will meet Josh on your start day (That’s right! NO MYSTERY SUB CONTRACTOR! Josh manages all of our replacements himself, working with our same, trusted crew that installs all of our jobs!). Josh will walk you through the process and again, answer any questions you might have! (Stay tuned for our Start Day blog, outlining some noise and other events to expect when we replace your roof!).


Final Inspection and Clean Up 

It will be as though we were never there! At the completion of your replacement Josh completes a final walk through- making sure that not only your roof issues have all been addressed, but that your property is as clean as we found it. At this point Josh will again connect with you to answer any questions, while Mandy is working diligently behind the scenes to file your warranty!


The End Result:

Enjoy your new roof. With 20-25 years of new life, you won’t have to think about this process for a long time! Even so, we understand that sometimes, the unthinkable happens. Your warranty, insuring both the materials and workmanship, is managed by Josh and Mandy!  No waiting on the line with a manufacturer in a confusing process. If the unthinkable happens, call us. We respond to all emergencies within 24 hours. (And of course, feel free to drop us a line every once and a while, just to say hi. Our homeowners are family.)


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