Vicky Grubbs

“With RoofMaxx being an natural product and Ohio State University being involved and Battelle Labs, it just felt like the perfect solution for us. The nice thing was I didn’t have to worry about my dogs, everything was completely natural and safe. I’m just really thrilled about the whole process.”

Brian Thompson

“What I like about RoofMaxx are the components are food grain. So it’s non-toxic, it doesn’t harm your skin, doesn’t harm your eyes, if it blows back in your face on a windy day it harms nothing. It’s a great product to use all the way around, there is no down side that I’ve found so far using RoofMaxx.”

Bobby Wright

“I didn’t realize Roof Maxx was something I could consider for my roof. The day they treated our roof, the process was pretty simple, it was almost like they were there and gone qute simply, it was an easy process. The cost of applying Roof Maxx to our roof was so much cheaper then I had thought. Turns out we saved a ton of money and a ton of time.”

Wes Rich

“Up until roof maxx there was only one option – that was to replace the entire roof. Now that we’ve discovered Roof Maxx there is now another option to save home owners a lot of money and extend the life of their roof. The greatest thing about Roof Maxx is that it’s so clean to use. It’s an organic product that safe for children, safe for homes, it’s safe for vegetation, and it’s safe for the technicians that apply it. “

Jerry Linkhorn

“The cost difference from roof replacement to Roof Maxx product was only a fraction of the cost. We would recommend our clients use the Roof Maxx product no question. It’s the only product we know of out there that is an actual alternative to a roof replacement for a house that’s got less than 5 years of age left on a roof.”