Sunriver Roof Hail Damage – Why act NOW?

It’s a homeowner’s worst nightmare: an unexpected and damaging hailstorm. From yard clean up to taking a look at automobiles and landscape treachery, don’t overlook the damage to the roof above you!

While we are fortunate to not see many of these storms in Sunriver, Oregon, we are still covered for hail damage on our homeowner’s insurance, and now is the right time to make your claim!

We see so many homeowners miss their opportunity to file an insurance claim, often due to confusion on timelines, processes, or concerns on deductibles. Let us assure you, we will handle the majority of claim work, saving you tens of thousands of dollars!

Call More Roof Life

The damage that hailstorms cause to a roof are unparalleled to any other sort of environmental factor. The sharp-edged ice with varying sizes, traveling at a high velocity break into your architectural (asphalt) and wood shake shingles, now allowing all other outside elements, IN.

Unmanaged hailstorm damage will cause leaks to form (sometimes immediately, and sometimes over time). Reaching More Roof life immediately after a hailstorm passes, not only will we be able identify damages, but create an inspection report that will begin the first part of your insurance claim.

The SROA Process

Unlike any other roofing company in Central Oregon, as SROA owners ourselves, on top of the insurance process, we manage the Design Committee’s review and permitting process, taking another headache off of your shoulders. For our friends, neighbors, and Sunriver community, we personally saw total destruction of our home’s roof following the May 30th hailstorm. We are currently scheduling walk throughs to get you started on your replacement process.

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